You’ve been successful with so many other things in your life, but creating a mindful & loving relationship with your body image has been a struggle. 

The thoughts to yourself are "If I lose the weight, I will be happy with myself."

But even though you may have lost weight at first – felt "happy" about your body, and even kept it off for a little while - inevitably you fall off the wagon and end up putting the weight back on. So frustrating, right?  

You’re tired of wasting thousands of dollars a year on diet programs and pills and want to eat real food not pre-packaged food.

Goddess, it’s time ditch the yo-yo dieting, uncontrollable cravings and constant battles with food for good, AND BEGIN TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR BODY.

  • Release the weight and keep it off with ease… not get stuck on yet another diet rollercoaster.  
  • Feel good in your own skin again… not wake up in the morning dreading another day not feeling good about your body.
  • Feel the strong, sexy and radiant Goddess that you are inside and out… not tired and run-down.  

The time is NOW… and I'd like to help you do it!

I regained control by fixing the root cause of my food struggles.

“I knew that my issues with my weight and constantly gaining weight went deeper than just my love for food. My weight was a symptom and I needed to find the root cause. Bessie helped me understand that my problem was more than just what appeared on the surface. She guided me through identifying those issues, freeing myself of those unwanted feelings and emotions and helped me regain control of my life. Thank you Bessie for giving me the resources to continue my journey to a healthier me!” - L.K.

You'll feel free from the thoughts about your body that don't serve you and feel good about your body inside and out!

  • Finally get off all the pills and find real health naturally.

Say good-bye to pill popping, like the ones to control your appetite. Work with your doctor to lower or discontinue your high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes meds because you're so healthy that you don't need them anymore.

  • Eat REAL food that's good for you, not expensive, boxed-up fake foods.

Nourish your body with REAL food without having to worry about food cravings or feeling out of control… because now you feel fully in control around food and you stop when you’ve had enough. 

  • Feel like a confident Goddess and the very best version of you.

No matter what the numbers on the scale say, you'll look and feel fabulous! You'll finally feel at home in your own skin and radiate beauty and confidence from the inside out.

  • Change your mindset to radically change your body.

No more uncontrollable food cravings that lead to poor choices and overeating. Eating right will become natural and easy for you.  

  • You’ll never feel deprived!

Say good-bye feeling starved while you release weight! Since you’re intuitively creating a better relationship with your body and mind, you can eat any time you feel hungry while feeling confident in your ability to make smart eating decisions.  

  • You can finally stop out of control eating!

Put an end to emotionally-driven, compulsive eating that leaves feeling guilty... and instead feel fully in control around food.  

You’ll truly understand why diets don’t work and you’ll learn to live a more healthy life through the power of your subconscious mind.  

By the time you’ve completed the program you’ll have the knowledge, confidence and power to continue to love yourself more and fuel your body mindfully and lovingly for the rest of your life!

I found the answers to my lifetime struggle! 

Once I decided to do the TrimLife program I knew the only person I would feel comfortable doing it with was with Bessie. Her calm, open and accepting personality made me feel comfortable and confident in the fact that I was not going to be judged. Bessie made me feel completely at ease and I was able to say things out loud I have never said to anyone before.  

The TrimLife program helped me uncover and understand the beginnings of my unhealthy relationship with food. With my newfound understanding I was able to take that control back.  

Releasing that toxic hold food had over my life is now released. I have regained complete control over what food I put in my body. In the process I have also managed to lose 35 pounds and as a result have gotten rid of my sleep apnea machine. My recent health screening also showed improvements across the board. ~ Alicia B.  

There are two one-on-one program options for you!!

This program IS for you if you are: 

  • Motivated to once and for all to ditch dieting for good. 
  • Ready to make the rest of 2018 feeling freedom, joy and excitement with your new body image and new thoughts about your body. 
  • This time - right now - ready to reclaim your life and feel fabulous in your own body once and for all!  

This program is NOT for you if you:  

  • Are looking for a quick fix to losing weight. 
  • Are skeptical about learning more about the power of subconscious mind and how it affects your eating habits. 
  • Have a habit of signing up for programs but then don’t participate (so you get very few results).

Dear Goddess - Here’s what you can expect to learn and how you'll transform your mind and body over 6 life-changing weeks:

Week 1: End cravings and intuitively listen to your body. Leverage the power of hypnosis to easily change destructive eating behavior so you can make smart eating decisions.

Week 2: Naturally rev up your metabolism through hypnosis for continual weight loss. Learn how to use this special hypnosis technique to make staying healthy virtually effortless.  

Week 3: Reprogram your mind to make eating right simple and easy for you. Discover and heal the underlying emotional causes of overeating so you can end the food battles for good.  

Week 4: Stop self-sabotaging, end the blame game and take back control of your health. Learn to express your power, strength and courage in healthy ways.  

Week 5: Free yourself from destructive family patterns. You’ll get deep insight into your family dynamics to heal emotional wounds that have led to self-medicating with food.  

Week 6: Escape the perfectionism and procrastination traps that keep you from having the vibrant health and life you deserve. You’ll learn how to let go of the patterns of low self-worth that keep you trapped in cycles of perfectionism and procrastination so you can finally eradicate the unhealthy thought patterns that have defeated you in the past.  

This program wasn't what I expected

I started to realize two big things:

 1. Hypnotherapy is about getting yourself relaxed enough to be able to reframe the negative dialogue in my head so that it now becomes the new dialogue in my head. 2. Understanding the drama that I created depleted my energy and that eating was my way of coping.

Through hypnotherapy I understand it’s about attitude, acceptance and affirmations. I still eat birthday cake, just not that much. I still eat steam rice on the weekends but I have cauliflower rice on the weekdays. Affirmations is something that has spilled into my life. I say it for work, when I parent, or when I’m with negative people. TrimLife® is something that applies to all aspects of life; not just food and exercise. ~ C. Wong  

Your TrimLife® Embrace Your Goddess Program benefits include:

  • 6 - 90 minute individual weekly coaching calls to help you stay on track and get support and accountability when you need it most (Q&A included). 

Program materials include: 

  • Two workbooks to monitor your progress and use as a reference now and for the years to come.
  • “Breaking Free From the Victim Trap” book to develop a deeper understanding about the subconscious mind and emotional eating, breaking out of old, self-defeating patterns and claim your personal power.
  • Trim-Life audio recordings hypnosis sessions for each week (via a flashdrive) which you can use again and again in the months and years to come for support.  

NOW IS time to reclaim your body and life! 

Here’s how you can step into the new healthy, confident and vibrant woman you’re meant to be!  

Compare the amazing, lasting results you get with the Embrace Your Goddess Body program to expensive boxed meal programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers that can cost you up to $8,300 EVERY YEAR or even more.  

With the TrimLife® Embrace Your Goddess Body program, you’re in control of the food you eat… which means you get to eat the good, healthy foods you like, not the foods a manual tells you that you have to eat. Real food tastes great, is better for nourishing your body and saves you thousands of dollars a year versus pre-packaged options.  

Hi, I'm Bessie, Certified Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach.

I'm passionate about helping women finally ditch the diet mentality, manage or release weight and learn to love your body through mindful and intuitive eating. I guide you through letting go of self-judgment, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits with ease so you can fully embrace the beautiful Goddess you are! When you do that, you will be confident, make healthy food choices and feel great in your body.  

I now enjoy better health and feel confident in my body. But it wasn’t always that way. I used to be like you. I struggled with keeping my weight stable, not feeling good about myself and my body. I felt deeply ashamed and unhappy. I even remember when I was only 12 starting to feel embarrassed about my weight, so I started taking diet chews called Ayds. Crazy right? I was just a kid, but that’s the power food and snacks (especially carbs and sugar), my thoughts used to have over me. I’d look at all the skinny, beautiful models in magazines and wish I could look like them… and then I’d beat myself up because I didn’t. I was constantly comparing myself to the women in magazines and media, which only fed the vicious cycle of self-judgment, negative body image and destructive dieting.  

The self-judgment of not "being thin enough or good enough" in my eyes led to self-soothing and numbing to eat the carbs and sugars in excess that weren't healthy. I learned that I was doomed to fail - that willpower would never be enough to change - unless I fixed the root cause of my eating habits so I could have a better relationship with food.  

Then I discovered TrimLife® and once I started using the power of my subconscious mind through the TrimLife® program to my benefit, I was able to make peace with myself and with food. I was able to release my self-defeating thoughts of not feeling good enough in my body, and I now love and accept the Goddess body I was born with, learning to intuitively listen to what my body needs: when, what and how much to eat, how my body wants to move etc.  

You don’t have to struggle any longer. It’s time to bring bring your body back to the vibrantly healthy, energetic, fully alive state your body already is within. Step by step I’ll help you effortlessly release weight and maintain your weight, feel great and truly love your Goddess body.  

Goddess, it’s time for you to stop struggling and have the healthy, vibrant mind and body you've always wanted!

To ensure high levels of support to you, this is a one-on-one program for those who are ready to ditch the diet mentality, release weight and establish a healthy relationship with yourself and with food! 

Ready to ditch the diets for good? Choose the TrimLife® Embrace Your Goddess Body program support level that's the best fit for you:  

Gold Member All of the above program benefits, plus 1 Supportive Coaching and 1 Hypnosis or Reiki & Hypnosis Session for only $1,497.00 ($2,400 value)

Option One: I'm ready to get started now! Pay full amount $1,497.00

Option Two: Pay $797 now (pay the balance of $700 at the start of week 1) 

VIP Diamond All of the above program benefits, plus 2 Supportive Coaching and 2 Hypnosis or Reiki & Hypnosis Sessions, plus exclusive personal email support and accountability, all for only $1,997.00 ($2,900 value) 

Option One: I'm ready to get started now! Pay full amount $1,997.00  

Option Two: Pay $997 now (pay the balance of $1,000 at the start of week 1)  

An additional shipping cost will be incurred for international shipping locations outside of the continental USA and Hawaii. International shipping costs will be confirmed with you via email prior to shipping.

Allow 1-2 weeks (depending on your location) for materials to be received.

Still have questions? I’m happy to chat!

To schedule a Embrace Your Goddess Body free consultation, click here or simply send me an email at

Disclaimer: This program offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for education purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we recommend you seek advice from your health care professional.